Shipping Policy

Shipping times will vary on where you live. Average shipping times worldwide will be over 15-35 business days. However, shipping to both the United Kingdom and United States may be quicker.

If your order hasn't arrived within 40 business days of ordering, email us at or dm us on instagram at @larosachic.c and we can double check to see if everything is okay! If your order doesn't arrive within 3 months a refund will be given. Due to the pandemic, if it doesn’t arrive within 4 months a refund will be given.

 Some parcels experience shipping delays and some do not. This is due to countries rules and laws with customs.

 We ship from our partnered factories and suppliers from all over the world. You should expect items to arrive separately (when you order more than one item). Different factories specialise in different areas therefore this is why some items take longer than others.

If you are planning to buy something for a specific date we do not recommend buying it within the month due to shipping times. If you would like to know when it will arrive, dm us on instagram @larosachic.c and we can give you advice. Therefore, we will not be held responsible for items not arriving on time for specific events.